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We put an offer on a house!

So that house I was talking about yesterday and getting cold feet with....Joe and I talked about it weighed everything and decided we were crazy to not at least put in an offer! I has everything on our Must Need list and a really good amount on our Wish list as well. I think we were just hesitating cuz we found it so quickly. I went online and looked around a bit more too and there was NOTHING that even came close to comparing so we put an offer on it!

We did go low with our offer though. They countered, which we expected, and then we countered again a bit higher and are just waiting to hear back from them now. It sounds like the dont want to budge much from the list price but we are not willing to pay that so if they wont come down we are going to have to walk. It has only been on the market for about 2 weeks now so I think that is one reason they are not as flexible with price but we'll see! I'll keep you ladies updated if they come down in price and we get it!

Re: We put an offer on a house!

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