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AW: Got a dress!

First of all, THANK YOU everyone for your input; really helped me develop my pro/con list.

So..I chose........dress #2 - I know, totally against the polling, I honestly was so torn and really appreciated and took your opinions to heart.

The reasons why I chose #2 were that I felt like though I LOVED #1 I felt like it had a bit of a "time-stamp" to it - that in 10 -20 years I might look at photos and think it was too much "the thousands." #2 was also easier to move in and the silk really did just have a totally different quality/dimension that I don't think my pictures were able to capture.

I also talked to the consultant and she said, unlike Maggie, Anjolique allows you to change the design of the dress - so I could probably get some of the applique lace and make a strap out of it with tule.

Oh! I also tried it on again today with a crinoline and it was much fuller :)

I can't remember who said the aplique is uncomfortable - on this dress it wasn't b/c it wasn't to close to my arms (I actually had it on for over 2 hours today waiting for my mom to come from work to see it for the 1st time, haha!).

THANK YOU everyone! :)
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