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Rush's bridal - alterations

Has anyone gotten their dress here and used the tailor downstairs?  I think it's Su's tailoring?  Wondering if she's good or what.  Thanks.

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    I haven't had experience with the alterations, but I had a great experience shopping at Rush's a few months ago. I brought a crew with me (5 people), and we were treated very politely. I had a modest dress budget. No pressure to buy. No snotty-ness at our visit.

    I ended up buying a sample dress. It was an absolute steal and in great condition. They acutally had TON of sample dress, more than I've seen any where. (Unforunately, I'll be selling the sample dress because I've decide to go a different direction with my style for the wedding so I getting a different dress. But I did love when I purchased it!) 

    My experience was nothing but pleasant. The owner was helpful enough to dig out a fabric sample for my sample dress. The dress was a fabric that the designer doesn't carry anyone so it was her last swatch.

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    I shopped at Rush's for dresses and although I didn't end up buying from them, I had good service. One key thing, though- make an appointment! I went twice, once with an appointment and I was treated like a queen. Another time I just stopped in (since I work in downtown) to peek at bridesmaid dresses. This seemed to throw them off. Although they were nice, I could tell they really preferred that you have an appointment. It seems like when they know you are coming, they assign a person to work expressly with you, and they prefer that.

    As far as alterations, I have been coming to this board since 2007 and I don't know of anybody here who had their dress altered at Su's. I believe they have some online reviews that are less than favorable for just regular alterations. If it was me, I would use one of the alteration people that folks on this board recommend.
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