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Back to the drawing board...

My mom & I just got back from the post office... And I'm sure some of you can guess where this post is going now!

The invites didn't fit in their little thinga-magig, so off of weight, it would have cost $1.71 an invite.  We're sending out 82 invitations, so that's $140.22.  Which I guess isn't horrible...??  I just can't spend that much on postage though.  It may kill me!

The very nice USPS lady asked to see the invitation.  She looked at it, had me take off our twine bow & ta-da, it was small enough to qualify for the $.64 postage!

So needless to say, I've got to ditch my precious twine bows & come up with something flat to keep our pocketfolds together....Super bummed!

So it's back to the drawing board to figure something else out.  I'm thinking I'll use the Cricut & tack the flap down that way, but I don't know how much I love that idea.

Does anyone have any bellyband instructions/templates that are easy to make?  Or any other idea's of something I could try?  TIA ladies!

Here's a pic of what we were doing, if that helps at all!

Re: Back to the drawing board...

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    hm, not sure if this is the direction you were wanting to go- but for my invites, the bellyband is a strip of white vellum paper, just taped shut at the back (with double sided tape) um, here is a pic:

    Vertical pocketfold With bellyband: sigh- pic is sideways

    So I did an embossed stamp along with names as I don't have an inner envelope. Maybe you could find a fall themed stamp or similar to put on the paper?
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    I tried to avoid the same issue!  My sister had put wax seals on hers which were super cool-looking... but ridiculously expensive for postage.  We had wanted to use regular twine or bakers twine... but in the end decided to nix it to save on postage...  that and we ran out of time to make a belly band :)  I think a belly band is definitely the way to go for you :)  Maybe a cricut-ed shape?  Perhaps kraft or parchment type paper with a stamp?

    I googled "wedding invitation belly band" and a million gorgeous pictures came up.  Good luck! 

    Oooo... update... this cool one came up with a belly band that looks like barn-wood.... With your initials photoshop "carved" into the wood? www.beastpieces.com/tag/belly-band

    I think there's "moire" textured paper available that looks like weathered wood...

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    Both great ideas, thanks ladies!  = )
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    im just cutting strips of paper and then using a circle punch stamped with a monogram on it and sealing it with tape  Here is the pic  (I do have to change the monogram though since I am not supposed to use my married one yet)

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    Why do you need anything at all? I made pocketfolds and just put them in the envelope.  I was at the point of not caring anymore about the little stuff that no one will notice/remember, it's going in the garbage, etc  though too ;) lol
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    ditto pp - we just put a small dab of the "normal" strength double sided tape on the tip of the flap to keep it down but that was it. 
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    You can by way thinner twine then what you used. My twine i used was super thin and it still looked great. I got it at Paper Depot bought the whole role for like $10. That way you could still use the twine idea.
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    Why not just use a pretty sticker? Cheap and quick...
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