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Who Gets Tips?

I have my final dress fitting today so payment is due. I'm using Louise Kegley, who works out of her home. Am I supposed to tip her?

And who else do we tip? I really wish they would just figure that into the quote so we don't have to worry about doing too little or too much!
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Re: Who Gets Tips?

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    I have no clue on the alterations, as I haven't had mine yet.  But, I'd like to know for when I go in!

    I have another who do I tip question... My make up artist?  I have my trial with her on Friday, & I'm not sure if I give her a tip at the trial or not.  And the day of the wedding, do I tip?

    Great post!  = )
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    Generally the rule is if they own their own company you don't have to tip them.  For alterations I added a little extra money because I thought it was a low price for the amount of time and work she spent on me and my dress.  However, I didn't consider it a tip really.

    Make up artists - Yes tip at the trial and wedding day.  Unless you are using an independent artist who takes home all the money you are paying them, then it would not be necessary. I'd say ESPECIALLY be sure to tip at your trial.  Although these vendors are professional, showing them your appreciation through tips at the trial will probably ensure they do their best work on your wedding.

    We tipped our DJ, Limo driver (although it was included in the price so we didn't do any extra the day of, especially because he had a few issues getting us there),the venue we tipped but that was also included in our final invoice, and obvoiusly tipped the makeup/hair people.

    We didnt tip : Our photog who runs her own business, DOC (although I did give her a bit extra on top of what she charged me because it was SO low ;) and I will probably send her a thank you gift), the photobooth attendent because I thought it was going to be the guy who owned the company running it, but now that I think about it I don't know if it actually was! oops!
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    I had Louise do my alterations, too, and practically forced her to take a tip :)  She didn't want to accept one!  I was going to give a $15 tip... but we settled on $10 for $125 of alterations.
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    I tipped my hair and MAU the day of the wedding. I had Brett who owns her own business but since my trial she has expanded. I tipped her on behalf of my sister too.  

    I "tipped" the Priest. In reality he wouldn't accept a tip, since the church fee was $100 for the wedding we wrote a check to the church for $200.

    We tipped our DJ since we used a larger DJ company. Plus he rocked.  

    We tipped the Limo guy.

    Our reception added grautity (18%) into our bill so that was already taken care of.

    We also tipped the party sub delivery guy for our sub during pictures. Obviously ;)

    We did not tip our Photog, because she owns her own business. But as soon as we get our CD of pictures we are going to send her a nice thank you gift because she rocks.

    I also did not tip my alterations lady because she owns her own business and works out of her home.

    I would use this rule of thumb. Tip the non buisness owners or if you got great service. :)

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    Also you should tip delivery people. Such a your cake delivery person and if its not your florist that's coming they should be tipped. If you're renting linens/chair covers that should be tipped as well. Shan's rule of thumb is good Smile
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    as PP have said, If the person owns the business they charge what they feel their service is worth, but if you are dealing with someone who works for the company a gratuity is a nice way to say thanks.
    As a side note: If your photographer, DJ or videographer is going to be there during dinner, you should probably include them in your head count.
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