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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

Hotel Blocks?

I am getting married in July, ceremony in Rosemount, reception in Bloomington near MOA. I talked to someone from Bloomington Visitors Bureau about reserving a block of hotel rooms, she sent it out to a few hotels near MOA and they responded using the Visitor's Bureau website. Of the 4 responses I got from hotels, only 1 was actually giving me any kind of discount, the others just quoted the same price I found on their website. I'm a med student currently living in PA so the idea of spendng a bunch of time calling a whole bunch of hotels makes me cringe. I emailed the one hotel that did give a discount but never heard back from them. Has anyone else gotten deals reserving hotel blocks in Bloomington or have any advice for me? 
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Re: Hotel Blocks?

  • I received a discount on my block of rooms at the Marquette Hotel downtown - that's a Hilton Hotel . . . so maybe try the Hilton in Bloomington? 
  • Try contacting the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce. I think my contact name was Janet Kemen. I can get more details for you if you want. Anyway, I filled out an online form that asked questions such as what our date is, how many guests, location, what kind of services I was looking for, etc and she contacted me and then sent my information out to a lot of local vendors. I then sifted through the information and found my hotel that way. I know I received a few hits from hotels close to MOA.
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    Which hotels did you inquire on? There's a Best Western, Country Inn & Suites and the new Radisson going up. All within walking distance of MOA.

    PS - jszmerga  - sending you a PM.
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    Most of the hotels near MOA do package deals with the attractions at the mall (nickelodeon universe/sea life aquarium tickets, coupons for restaurants etc). Also, you can negotiate the rates lower than what they tell you too.

    We got our hotel block booked at a Residence Inn and they originally quoted me a rate you would've gotten if you had a AAA or Corporate discount. Most of our friends and family would be eligible for either one, so we asked them to lower it so they'd be more likely to take advantage of the block. We were also more persistent about it since we're getting married over MDW and hotels would be through the roof anyway.

    ETA: Unfortunately, I think you will have to actually call hotels. I've noticed that through their websites they take forever to get back to you. I would ask to speak to a group sales coordinator since they'd know what to do and be able to pull more strings than a concierge, KWIM? 
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  • You should check with your reception venue too.  Our venue has a motel that they own, but it's fairly small, so they also negotiated rates with other hotels in the area, and arranged for a shuttle if you book a certain number of rooms.
  • La Quinta Inn in Bloomington--there are two of them--the one on American Boulevard gave us a small discount and is extremely reasonably priced. Nothing fancy, but has a shuttle to the MOA which our guests want.
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