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New here? FAQs and Welcome!

Hi, my name is Brita, and I'm the moderator of this local board.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.  These girls are all very friendly, and we love to hear introductions from newcomers! 

Just post a quick hello, and feel free to ask us anything you need to know.

CLICK HERE to view The Knot's official rules.  and CLICK HERE to view The Knot's FAQs.

There has been a Minneapolis bio around for awhile. To check out some more information (included common acronyms, the big ol' date list, etc.) visit: mspbio.weebly.com

Knottie MrsBassPlaya posts the signature challenge every month with instructions - watch for her announcements!

My job as mod is to make sure our board is running smoothly - free of spam, vendor posts (free or for pay), and harassment - and promote community on our board. I'd love to help answer your questions, address your concerns, and gather any ideas you have for our board.



If you are a vendor, you MAY NOT solicit business through our boards.  Please review the  rules below:

From The Knot's Community Rules:
- No soliciting of any kind on the message boards or in the chat room -- it is neither allowed nor appreciated by the community. If you are interested in advertising opportunities, please contact [email protected]
- Wedding professionals involved in a wedding-related enterprise cannot post any information on The Knot message boards, even if offering services free of charge.


Due to an overwhelming response from our brides and the commitment to make our Community an even better resource for our Knotties, we're now allowing all vendor reviews to be posted on the message boards. In addition to this, vendors will now have the chance to respond to negative reviews posted on our message boards via The Knot. This allows brides and vendors to give both sides of the story and for you to plan your wedding with more accurate details.

Brides -- you're now able to post all vendor reviews on our forums, but keep in mind that they must be factual, thoughtful, and free of profanity and character assassination. If your review doesn't meet these guidelines, the review will be removed.

Vendors -- you can now respond to a negative post so that brides can hear your side of the story.

If you're a vendor and see a post you'd like to respond to, please do the following:

1. Draft your response and be sure it too is factual and free of profanity and character assassinations.

2. Send your response, along with the URL of the post, the name of the board, and original poster and date, to [email protected].

3. We'll review and post your response if it's warranted and meets our Community Guidelines.

4. If the original post doesn't meet our Community Guidelines, it will be deleted.

5. The post will be locked after the vendor response is posted. Any further discussion should be made via email to The Knot.

Please be sure to email us your response and don't post the response yourself, as we will remove it.

Questions or comments? Please email [email protected].

Any member of our community, including a bride, involved in a wedding related business must adhere to the same rules as wedding professionals and are not permitted to post on The Knot message boards about their business/affiliation.  (This includes links in signatures, references in bios, disclosing your occupation, etc.)

UPDATE: You can now post/view vendor reviews on TK's sister site, the Wedding Channel!

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