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Affordable reception locations

I've got 5 months left before the big day. We've got our ceremony venue booked, but I'm having the hardest time finding a location for the reception. We're definitely on a budget, so I'm looking for somewhere around the Elk River area that's not too expensive and can hold around 250 people. I've checked a few of the American Legions, but the ones I've looked at aren't really the feel we're going for. It's going to be a pretty laid back reception, and we are hoping to find a place where we can bring our own food. Any ideas?

Re: Affordable reception locations

  • This isn't really very close to Elk River, it's in Maple Grove. It's Hall 653. Near 494/Bass Lake Rd, kinda tucked off a street. I've driven past it and although it isn't too "picturesque," it's a nice large space.  The website and FB page aren't very detailed, but there are pictures of a wedding reception posted. Looks like a great joint for a budget reception!
  • Thank you!! I'll definitely check that out
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