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What to Put in Our Wedding Favor Jars...??

So we found this awesome deal for personalised mason jars that have handles! We're definitely going to give these out as our wedding favors, but are struggling to decide what to put in them.  I'd rather do something more creative than jam or candy because neither of those things mean anything to me.  I thought of coffee beans, but I'd love some more ideas!!! Thanks!

Re: What to Put in Our Wedding Favor Jars...??

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    OK - simply curious but what are you going to "personalize" the mason jars with?  And are there going to be kids at the wedding? 

    As for what to put in the jars, I think that you need to come up with something that is a) personally meaningful b) useful and c) something that ANYONE, regardless of age, can use or be trusted with. (coffee beans are not a good favor for kiddos, hence my question above)
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    Personally, I think you should put candy in the jars. I know it's not your first choice, but I think more people will remember to take them if they're filled with food. Your guests will comment on the cuteness and originality of something different, but will they remember to take them home? What about personalized m&ms in your wedding colors? They're spendy, but fun!
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    By personalized do you mean with your wedding date? I don't want to be a B or debbie downer, but most people are not going to want to keep something with someone else's wedding date or names on.
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    To clarify, by "personalized" it means they're going to design a sticker that can either go on the lid or the side of the jar.  So it will remind them of the wedding for as long or short as they want it to. ;)

    That's a good point about food and about kids.  I suppose I could do a separate batch with candy for the kids, and something else for the adults.  But we don't want to get too complicated I suppose...

    I'll have to keep brainstorming!
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    I was just at a wedding where they passed those out, they had name tags that went around the top and that was your cup during the social hour. I thought that was fun, it was a rustic wedding in a tent on the brides family farm though.
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    Not to sound mean, but if I went to a wedding where I got coffee beans and the kids got candy, I would feel a little sad.  And my FI would probably steal some of the kids' candy or try to convince them to trade him cause he hates coffee and loves candy.  ;)

    I'd stick with the candy idea mentioned above.  I'd rather get a favor I could eat than something completely useless.  The mason jars seem cute, though.

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    What about adding some type of potpourri with dried flowers maybe to match your wedding colors? Maybe you could have the best of both worlds with chocolate covered coffee beans.  I went to one wedding where they gave out small older games from when they were little like jacks and marbles.  You could also make a cute poem and a little plant kit with some seeds of your favorite flower.  If they choose they could plant it in their garden or your mason jar.  That would be fun for both kids and adults alike.  I suppose it would just depend on your wedding theme.

    I think a PP hit it on the spot when they said the favor should be meaningful.  So if you like the idea of anything this is YOUR gift to YOUR guest. 
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    Hot cocoa powder with some crushed peppermint or something similar. Attach a recipe and you're good!
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