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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

Average wedding costs - how does MN compare?

TK released the average wedding costs for 2011 today and I still think it's so crazy! I understand that some areas are more expensive, but still...

Anyways, I wondered what the average prices are in MN? I'm not sure if they have it broken down, but if anyone doesn't mind sharing, I'd love to see. Here is their infograph:

We're still a year out but this is an idea of where we'd be with our budget:

Reception venue: No rental fee, minimum of $5950 (includes food)

Engagement ring: Can't remember exact price but I think he said it was on sale for around $800.

Reception band: Skipping.

Photographer: The front runner right now charges $1800 for her best possible package.

Ceremony site: $300, but that goes toward the hall minimum.

Gown: Budget is around $500 but with alterations I'm going to say $700. Hopefully cheaper though.

Florist/decor: Not planning on any real flowers. So the cost will significantly go down. I can also apply decor to the minimum if we use theirs. I random guess would be around $500 for centerpieces, bouquets, stuff like that. Most likely cheaper.

Reception DJ: He is matching the in house DJ price of $475.

Transportation: Right now, skipping. May have a shuttle to and from the hotel for guests but I'll need details on that.

Ceremony musicians: Might skip (may use my DJ?) but my friend offered her string trio for $200 (which is paying for the other two, not her. Plan on tipping her VERY well!).

Wedding cake: Planning on cupcakes because they're cheaper. Can't remember exact cost but I think it was like $300 or so. Goes toward minimum.

Invitations: I really think I can do them for like $1-2/invitation. So I'll say like $250.

Favors: Was going to skip this but my mom insists. Probably won't cost more than $100 and I'm not paying for it so I'm not including this ;-)

Catering: I'll say food is $30/plate but that's overestimating. I am planning on providing beer and wine, so I'll add like $600. Comes out to $33/person. Awesome. Also, food goes into the minimum.

SO.. if I add all this up.. it comes to about $11275. Doesn't account for tax and tipping of course. Oh, at this is for ~200 people in Minneapolis.

That was kinda long but if you have the time I'd really love to see an approximate budget to see what's normal around here :-)
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Re: Average wedding costs - how does MN compare?

  • edited March 2012
    Not including rings or honeymoon, our wedding was $17,000 for 125 people.
  • Reception venue: $500

    Engagement ring: $2800

    Reception band: $500

    Photographer: $2500

    Ceremony site: $650

    Gown/Veil: $850

    Florist/decor: $400

    Reception DJ: $629

    Transportation: Skipping for now because we don't know if we will provide transportation.

    Ceremony musicians: $0, using the CD player and sound system at the site.

    Wedding cake: $250

    Invitations: $200

    Favors: $100

    Catering: $3000 ($20 per plate for 150 people)

    Alcohol: $500

    Groom's Ring: $25

    Hair/Makeup: $200

    Wedding Coordinator: $200

    Total: $13,304
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