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Meals for vendors

Hi Ladies,
Does anyone know what the etiquette is regarding meals for the vendors?  Do I have to provide meals for the photographer, wedding coordinator, and priest?  Thanks :)

Re: Meals for vendors

  • If they are at your reception I would since they probably wouldn't be able to eat otherwise! The only way I wouldn't is if they are only there for a very short time or something.
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  • yes, if they are going to be there throughout everything you should.  I do believe you can order a cheaper plate, ya know instead of offering them a steak like you do the rest of your guests, you could give them chicken or something on the lower end of your options.  I'm not 100% tho.
  • We had meals for our photogs who were there through dinner and part of the dance.  We didn't do dinner for our DJ because he wasn't there until 6 for set up (and we asked what they'd prefer) and not for our photobooth attendant who wasn't there until 7.  Our officiant was an invited guest so he (and his wife) both got regular meals.  Our videograher was done before dinner started so we also didn't feed him.

    Our venue did vendor box dinners but it ended up just being easier to give everyone what we were serving guests since we had them seated at open spots at tables where we didn't have them full.  One of our photogs was vegan and I ordered her a special meal and she was tremendously grateful I had done that for her so don't forget to ask the diet restrictions for them too. 
  • We are planning meals for all our vendors that will be there at meal time.
  • I think that it is pretty standard to give meals to vendors who are going to be there during mealtime. Many caterers offer an option for vendors that you can make them aware of. They are usually some sort of boxed dinner that is cheaper than what the guests eat. We decided to let our photographer and dj eat what they liked from our buffet.
  • Along with what PPs said, many vendors will have something regarding this in their contract, saying you are supposed to feed them. Probably to make sure they get food while they are working their butts off! I'd say any vendor at your reception deserves food reserved for them.
  • Yes it is the nice thing to do.

  • If they'll be there for dinner, then yes you should feed them. 
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  • Anyone that was present during dinner we provided a meal for. This included our DOC, photographer and assistant, videographer and assistant, DJ, and two bartenders.

    Your DJ and bartenders that are just showing up at the reception may not NEED meals if they are planning on eating before they come since they are just there for the reception, but you should at least double check with them and see what they expect. Photographers, videographers, etc. that will be there all day do NEED to be given a meal. You can't expect them to go all day without eating. Some reception halls/catering companies will provide a cheaper option such as sandwhiches for vendors at your request if you're worried about cost. We gave our vendors the same chicken/steak option as the rest of the guests.
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  • I agree that if they will be there...they should get fed.  They have been working for awhile and need to eat also.  It sucks to have to spend the extra money though :)
  • I think it's polite to offer meals to the vendors that will be at your reception during the meal time.  We offered a meal to our DJ and priest, but not our photo booth attendant, as they arrived right after the meal. 
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