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I ::heart:: MSP board!

So I took too much time off over the holidays and in my boredom have started exploring some other boards - ettiquette, WP, etc.
Wow, it makes me so glad that the MSP brides are kind and supportive! The way some of the brides respond to posts on those boards would make me never want to post anything! It's like they sometimes find it fun to gang up on a fellow bride and ridicule them, especially since it's over the internet and not in person. Eeck. Sure, we don't all agree on wedding ideas and ettiquette issues, but yikes, I'm glad at least here we can disagree respectfully and in a helpful, constructive manner! Must be that "Minnesota Nice" :)
Anyway, rant and touchie feelies over. Just had to express my appreciation for you all!!!
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Re: I ::heart:: MSP board!

  • edited December 2011
    What's wrong with the WP board? We give excellent advice to those who ask for it. Basically our advice always boils down to treat your friends like friends. Some brides don't hear what they want to hear and get mad about it, but that doesn't change the quality of the advice.
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  • IzzygrimIzzygrim member
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     I guess I'm just a soft, "can't we all just get along", just-say-nice-things-to-each-other type of person.
    You are right though, I definitely didn't notice it nearly as much on the WP board. I really should not have included that board in my comment. The only thing I noticed there is that the way some knotties would write their response would make the person seem so selfish and so out of line for wanting a MOH to do anything but show up to the ceremony. I think a lot of that comes from the Etiquette board, I don't know. I know that is all BMs are "required" to do, but I always thought that they were expected to care enough about the people getting married that they would intend to do more. I guess I could be off on the etiquette there though! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bride to require my BMs to do anything, but I would hope that since they are such good friends of mine and they hopefully show interest in this big occassion that I could also rely on them for support as needed and as available for more than just the 20 minutes of the ceremony.

    I just really wanted to express my appreciation of how incredibly nice and supportive everyone is on this board at least :) I'll keep future comments only specific to this board :)
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