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Gifts from Registry

My shower is in mid May. I've already made the mistake of peaking at our registries. When did you start seeing things "purchased" on your registry?

Re: Gifts from Registry

  • We had a few here and there that started going but honestly, I think that they started really going about a week before our showers.  I kept an eye on ours too just because we registered kinda early and we wanted to make sure that anything "summer" didn't get discontinued for our fall wedding.  
  • We had things fly off our registries the weekend after our STDs went out. I found out later that my MIL's friend's wanted the "Best" pick so after bowling one week they went out and got some of our stuff!
  • I really started looking after I got a job as a registry consultant at one of the stores we registered at! It's really hard not to look at it while I'm at work, heh. :)

  • A week before my first shower I noticed things really coming off the registries, so FI and I went and registered even more!!  It was nice and at the same time I didn't like knowing what I was getting, so I'm thinking until after the next shower, FI will have to be the one looking instead :)
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