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Bachelorette Party cost??

Hey ladies!

Just wanting your opinions/experiences on something...

I'm planning a bachelorette party, and have reserved hotel rooms on my credit card. In order to cover those costs, and the costs of the food/drink I plan on supplying, I've figured the cost to be about $40/person. Do you think this is reasonable? I've paid this much (and more!) in the past to attend bachelorette parties...what have some of you paid??

Re: Bachelorette Party cost??

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    I think that would be fine, but did you discuss the plans and budget with everyone else before making any decisions? If all I knew is that I was going to a b-party on such-and-such date, and all of a sudden someone came to me and said "I made reservations; you owe me $40." -- I'd be pissed.

    ETA: I don't know what else you're planning, but I'm assuming there would be other food/drink/activity cost that people would be paying the night of. I don't think you should assume that everyone will be able to pay you the $40 on top of everything else. Have you factored in the possibility that not everyone will want to stay at the hotel? I know we only have the limited information that you gave; maybe all of this was already discussed.
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    I've spent more than $40 on bachelorette parties in the past, but it is best to know the cost up front. Also you have to plan that some people won't come and that makes the cost go up for everyone else.
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    I have a questions do I the bride have to put money towards b party? Just wonder.

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    My bridesmaids paid about $180 a piece for my entire bridal shower and bachelorette party.  The Bachelorette Party was about $80 per bridesmaid and they planned the entire thing themselves.  I went in with limited expectation, but the entire weekend exceeded my thoughts, and we had a great time.  
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