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Does anyone have any suggestions for a good hair and make-up salon or professional in the Minneapolis area?   I'm looking for someone who can do airbrushing.   One lady I spoke with said she would charge me $225 for my practice hair/make-up session and $225 for our wedding day=$450--which is a bit too much for me.  If anyone knows of someone more reasonable for around $300 or hopefully less for both the practice session and day of, please let me know.  Thanks for all of the help :)

Re: Hair and Make-Up Help

  • I'm using Mani Mela for my makeup (airbrushing) and hair.  After interviewing a few different people, I found that they are quite reasonably priced (around $350 for the preview hair & makeup plus the day of).
  • WOW..those are really high prices for that stuff. I personally wanted airbrushing, but later learned it wasn't really needed. I didn't have it and I thought I looked flawless (and I actually have acne here and there). I paid under $50 for makeup with lashes and I paid $55 for hair. Trial runs were less than those amounts. For my hair, I used my stylist shop that is in Stillwater and very small so I'm not sure if you would be looking at them for that...but my makeup artist was super fabulous and she goes on site. Here is her WEBSITE. There are pictures on her website of myself so you can see.

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  • WOW those prices are extremely high!!! I wanted airbrushing at first as well, but later learned it wasn't necessary and like tegdirb2001 I also felt like I was flawless all day long! I used my normal hairstylst and she charged me $30 for 3 trials, and the day of (not $30 each... $30 flat) I used Amber Heckert (Cadence Corneilus uses her for the boudior sessions) and paid $55 for a trial and the day of!
  • Thank you ladies and Happy New Year! I will check those options out :)
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