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Finally, a ceremony site!! Rant and Rave

Ugh the struggles!! Trying to find a nice church to get married in that wouldn't necessarily require us to be members. Either way we would be ok with it. FI wants someplace that we can start a new life together and one day be able to baptize our kids. And while I am not particularly religious, I can appreciate that. So one church didn't call us back about membership or anything at ALL (Seriously do you not care about having new members??), another church had strict rules about non-members booking a date and by the time we applied to be members (within a week) it was already booked on the date we needed- when we inquired the week previous that date had been open. But don't worry, the jerks haven't called us back about membership either. I don't mean to be rude about religion/churches, but I have not had a good experience with them so far!! Pretty upsetting.

So lastly we contacted another lutheran church (Advent) in MG, and the wedding coordinator was very nice, wrote our name down for the date, and I went to visit and put down our deposit on Saturday morning. Finally!! And they aren't super pushy on us becoming members so that was nice. Plus the church is beautiful and big. Such a relief to have this taken care of.

Re: Finally, a ceremony site!! Rant and Rave

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