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Looking for venue for 500+ and option to bring in own caterer...help!

I'm getting married this summer and am looking for a huge venue that will accomodate at least 500 and maybe 700...yes really. The fiance doesn't want to turn anyone away.

We also need to be able to bring in our own caterer, as we will be cooking traditional food.

So far I'm thinking corn field with a circus tent set up, but if anyone has better ideas that don't involve bringing in 100 porta potties, I'd love to hear them...indoors, outdoors, it doesn't really matter. The hope would be to find such a special place within 45 minutes of the Twin Cities in any direction.

A really awesome wedding planner suggestion would be appreciated too...someone who understands logistics.

Re: Looking for venue for 500+ and option to bring in own caterer...help!

  • Medina Entertainment Center can accommodate that many, but you have to use their caterer.  But, their prices are pretty reasonable.
  • As far as wedding planners go, I'd look into Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting- I went to college with the girl who runs it and she does a great job :-)

    A near 700 for your guest list would make me have a heart attack, but I digress. I'm thinking your most feasible option would be to rent the equipment necessary (tents, dance floor, tables, chairs etc) and have it in a friend or family members backyard. I'd price it out for sure to see what's more manageable- because just the cost of renting all the appropriate equipment alone may outweigh the cost of just going with a traditional venue, KWIM?
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    White Knot

    Planning Bio-Added FOR SALE page, will be adding more stuff to it soon! 
  • Try Unique Dining Experiences, very accomodating and they will also relieve a lot of your stress by taking care of anything and everything. All you have to do is say, "I do". Talk to Jeff at (763)370-5744. Tell him Linda sent you.
  • The Brooklyn Park Community Center


  • When I checked into the Brooklyn Park Community Center I was told they cannot accommodate 400 (which is our list before any cuts) although I cannot remember for certain what the limit was. Also you need to use one of their three exclusive caterers. We looked into having a tented reception because we will be bringing in our own caterer as well but decided against it because the cost of renting everything was far more expensive than finding a venue that allows open catering and already has tables, chairs, china, flatware, etc. 
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