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Anybody willing to share your budget? I am curious to know what a "common" budget would be

Re: Budgets?

  • FI and I budgeted $15,000 for our wedding.  We invited 225, and 150ish are showing up.  I suppose we'll find out for sure on Saturday.  However, we didn't include the cost of the honeymoon in there or the cost of my dress because I already had it.  If we had included those, it would be closer to $20,000.

    Not everything cost exactly what I thought it would.  DJ was more expensive, but we spent less on the photographer.  Linens were more expensive, but we spent less on the caterer.  Decorations and invites were more expensive, but we spent less on the cake.  If I went over budget in one area, I tried to pull the money from another area.  We did a pretty good job staying on budget, but we tried to do the least expensive we could in most areas.  We splurged a little on catering because we had so few people rsvp yes, and it still ended up costing us less than the original quote.

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  • Ours is around $30,000.  We have 300 people coming to our wedding, if our families weren't so huge I could have done it for a lot less.
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  • Our budget is $10,000.  Looks like we will come in under at around $8000, unless some crazy expense comes up.  We have 150 guests. 
  • Was $10k but I think it'll end up a little higher. Not including honeymoon in that. With honeymoon, $15k or so.
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  • Without the honeymoon, ours is about 20,000.
  • $20k, 300-350 guests.  Haven't budgeted honey moon yet, but hoping we won't go much over that $20k mark.
  • Our budget was $15,000. That didn't include dress, rings or the honeymoon. We invited around 320 peopl and had about 260 show up. :)
  • Ours was around $20K. That includes everything but the honeymoon, which we didn't go on but are hoping to early next year. We had just under 200 people. We ended up going over by just a bit because we went with a live band, but it was totally worth it.
  • Ok great! our budget is $16,000 not including honeymoon or rings & i started to realize this is hard to do! Glad im not alone(:
  • We have probably the smalles budget and # of people.  We are doing ours for $5k for 40 people not including honeymoon or rings.  We are doing a private ceremony in our home with our parents, grandparents, and brothers.  Think chiavari chairs, candles in the fireplace, & flowers draping the mantle.  Super happy our dog will be able to be there.

    Then a cocktail reception downtown Minneapolis in a loft rental for 40 people.  Our priorities were the people and food.  The loft lets us bring our own alcohol.  We didn't want people that we are not close there to celebrate with us. A number of relatives were cut out.
  • Wow! Where are you guys having your weddings? Our budget is looking well over $40K with 250 people.
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