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Varsity theater

Did anyone have any stress or trouble when it came to meeting with your coordinator?  My wedding is in 6 weeks and I still haven't had my first sit down with anyone!  Anyone having their reception there or have had it there?

Re: Varsity theater

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    I had my reception there last October and I didn't do my sit down until around 4 weeks beforehand (wedding Oct 16, sit down Sep 7). I know how frustrating it can be to basically have only email as means of communication but they run things like a well oiled machine. (Honestly, in hindsight I could have done the whole thing over the phone if it had known how smoothly things would go.) I worked with Abby - if she's your coordinator, don't worry. She was always super busy but was totally on the ball for my reception. 

    Also, I only had one sit down - it was not at all a multiple-meeting situation for me (which made me nervous when I read about other weddings on TK) but that's okay - Abby and I had one big meeting, all of my nerves disappeared and everything worked out great. And take heart in the fact that they need that final sit down as much as you do - without finalizing a menu and numbers, they can't order food.

    I'm slightly biased, but your reception is going to ROCK! Varsity weddings are freaking awesome.
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    Nope we're doing ours here too and they have been SUPER hard to contact about anything...It's taken weeks to get a phone call/email reply. We don't even have an assigned coordinator yet but they explained that we will have 1 meeting that will finalize everything, the menu, the flowers, the banner/sign etc which makes me super nervous as well. Guess I just have to wait. I've got about 8 weeks to go
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    beka0404  Your response made my day.  thank you so much!!  I think the hard part is that the timeline on their website is very inaccurate.  It states that there should be an initial meeting immediately after confirmation (never had), and then the first big meeting 3 months out before the date.  This is not how they actually run things.  I had my first meeting tonight with Jamie (the head gal) and Joel (my coordinator).  We are six weeks out from the wedding.  They sat us down and covered everything in a dual meeting.  We talked about finance, extras, band, dessert, timeline of events for the night, etc.  They worked as a team and exhausted every question, comment concern, etc.  We did tastings and went through the theater again just to see if we had any other inquiries.  
    @missydysphoria   Something i wish someone would have been able to tell me earlier- don't worry... breath... focus on the other craziness and things that still need to be tied together.  You are valid in your anxiety and nervousness about the finalizing the venue plans because it is the main part, after all- but fear not, once you have your meet- prob in 2-3 weeks, everything feels like it actually happening!  Good Luck!  Go marry that man of your dreams!!
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