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The Great Hall in St. Paul and other location options

We decided to have a local wedding in November and are now trying to set a date and pick a location!  We LOVE Landmark center, but they only have openings on Fridays.  We are okay with having a Friday wedding, but of course prefer a Saturday wedding. 

Has anyone had their wedding at The Great Hall?  We are also considering Minnesota History Center and Semple Mansion.  Any opinions on any of these?

Thank for your help!
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Re: The Great Hall in St. Paul and other location options

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    I don't know much about them, but when I was doing my research I found a couple of reviews that said the acoustics at the History Center were terrible - everything echoed.  I crossed it off my list for that.

    You could also look into the James J Hill Library if you're thinking something historic.
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    I looked at many of the same venues.  The Landmark Center was also book which was our 1st choice.  Here is what I know about the other ones.

    The History Center: I've been to a wedding here.  The views are beautiful.  The guests often get split into many different rooms.  You can set it up where everyone can see, but it is kind of awkward.  Also, the wedding I went to used 2 floors.  This could be a problem if you have anyone who is disabled.  Also, it was difficult to hear.  We didn't look into it for ours because I didn't like the configuration of people being in all different areas. 

    The Great Hall:  Nice venue and great staff.  A couple of things to think of.  First of all, you get to pick your caterer and beverage supplier.  There is no kitchen on sight so this can be a problem.  Also, you need to supply everything from place settings, napkins, linens, etc.  Plus besides the site fee, they charge the caterer and beverage provider a percentage which was either 8 or 10%.  When we factored that in, it made it out of our budget.  Also, I was concerned about parking.  If all that works for you, I've been to a wedding there and it was very nice. HTH

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    What about the Concord Exchange? I haven't visited it yet, but this is one of my possibilities too... The Como Zoo is also on our list.

    I really wanted the Landmark Center but it was booked and I could only do a Friday which doesn't work for our schedule...

    I took the History Center off of our list because the will not allow guests in until 6 and you can't get in for set-up until 5pm which was too late for us... Also, $5/car adds up quick.

    Hope this helps!
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    You ladies are wonderful! 

    I think we still have our hearts set on Landmark Center.  We are willing to do a Friday wedding, so I think that is what we will do!  We have family and a few friends coming from our of town (most of them driving a couple hours), but most are local.  Some will ahve to take off work on Friday, but it shouldn't affect too many local friends and family. 

    I will let you know what we eventually decide on!

    Thank you so much for all your help!
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    Before you cross the MHC off of your list, I just wanted to tell you a couple things about them.  I am having my reception there in June and I am thrilled.  For all the the things that people have considered negative I think are a positive and different from all of the other places.  You use two floors one for eating and one for dancing.  I think this is interesting because it isn't all in the same room.  There is an elevator for people who are disabled (as my grandpa is one of them).  Also, I saw $5/car for parking and wanted to verify that this is a fee in your rental fee.  As it seems a little steep you pay at least that if you were in Minneapolis or around the city parking and people will not have to worry about leaving their car there over night.  I wanted to let you know that the catering manager is very accommodating and helpful.  She is always around to answer your questions or concerns.  I personally think the History Center is a great choice and think you should check them out.  One thing to keep in mind though, the price of food is a bit more than I intended to spend, but you could always cut that down by doing stations with apps.  Good Luck planning.
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    Sounds like you may have made your mind up about Friday night at Landmark, but just in case you haven't, I have another suggestion! It seems as if you're targeting downtown St. Paul locations - have you looked at Christo's Union Depot? Landmark Center was actually my first choice for our March wedding but they were booked on Saturdays as well...After looking at Christo's though I am SO SO glad we chose that venue! I can't stay enough great things about their service, food, gorgeous venue, wedding coordinator, everything! Let me know if you have any specific questions and good luck with your decision!
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    Thank you for everyone's suggestions!  We really wanted a place with an open catering policy as our family friends are in that business and can save us a lot of money! 

    We decided on Friday, November 19 at Landmark Center!  We are super excited!

    I am sure I will be back on with more questions :)
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