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tipping photographer?

Our photographer has her own business.  We love the photos...do we tip her on top of the package fee?  If so, what's an appropriate amount? 

Re: tipping photographer?

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    Nope, if she is the owner you do not have to tip her.  Just send a nice thank you card and be sure to refer her to anyone you know.
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    agreed if she owns her own business no need to tip because she is getting 100% of the cost of the package and other fees.
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    Thanks for this info.  Our photographer also owns his own business, and we are inviting his family, so it's good to know.

    Does this still apply if you're getting a pretty sizeable discount on your package?
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    Our photography owns her own business, but we decided to tip her immediately following the wedding, along with a thank you note.  Tipping is definitely not required...but it probably doesn't hurt when the photographer is editing your photos and remembers your generosity either...especially if they did an incredible job.  Just one way to think about it for future brides!
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    thanks for the advice!
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