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NWR - Cocktail Attire

We got the invitation for FI's Christmas party for work and it says 'Cocktail Attire Requested'. What exactly are they looking for? Drinks & dinner are at the White Bear Yacht Club. His work is very laid back as far as their dress code - everyone wears jeans every day so I'm a bit surprised at the "fancyness" of it.

Re: NWR - Cocktail Attire

  • TCbride1TCbride1 member
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    You should be safe with a dress & tights, skirt & blouse or dress pants with a cute top. I'm sure you'll see a mix of those combos. It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed :)  Have fun!
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    I'd just do a cocktail dress if it were me but if you're not into dresses then dress pants and a nice top should be fine.
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    I second the cocktail dress.  I love a darker colored cocktail dress with black tights & killer heels-very wintery yet classy.
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  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    My H works at the WBYC! I can ask him when he gets home what kind of clothes people wear to the Christmas parties there. He has worked at country clubs for a very long time and should be able to tell you just what is expected... but he isn't home from work yet. From what I know, the parties tend to be sort of fancy there. If you have a little black dress, I'd go with that and a nice necklace or something.

    ETA-- H just confirmed. He said that at those things men wear dress pants and women wear nice dresses. Not like a formal dress, but something you might wear to a nice restaurant. Hope it helps!
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    Thanks all!
    Graysquirrel - I worked there when I was in high school but that was a while ago so I didn't know what had changed.
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