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Can I get married at Split Rock Lighthouse?

Hi everyone,

I was having trouble finding if I can get married at split rock lighthouse in MN, I see lots of pictures with people getting married with the lighthouse way off in the background but can you actually get married at the lighthouse itself? If so does anyone have any information on who to go through, which lodge which wedding planner. I am planning a 2014 wedding so this is off in the distance but I was trying to find as much information as possible as I know some location have super long waiting lists. Any information would be greatly appreciated Thank you.

Re: Can I get married at Split Rock Lighthouse?

  • Honestly - I would be highly surprised if you could.  It is a public space so they can't close it down for a private rental.  My guess is that you can rent an area of the park (like a pavillion or something similar) but you won't be able to have your event at the actual lighthouse. If you can do it at all, it'd have to be after public hours are over.  We got married at the Como Conservatory - same sort of deal.  It is a public park so you can't disrupt anything for an event during public hours - but we could rent it *after*  hours.
  • Its actually a historic landmark and because of that the requirements for private rental are different than that of a public space like a zoo. You most likely would have to go through the MN historical society (they do allow weddings at some historic landmarks- not sure which ones though). You may just have to call or e-mail the site directly and they may know the answer. If they don't they will know who you can talk to. Try going to http://www.mnhs.org/places/sites/srl/index.htm for more information. Or you can call the MN historical society too. Good luck!
  • Split Rock Lighthouse is in the Minnesota State Park system's 'Split Rock Lighthouse' State park, so I would recommend calling them or looking at their web site.

    We were married in a public garden in Minnesota and this particular venue did allow private ceremonies, even during hours they were open to the public. However, it was understood that it was not a private rental and that whatever tourists were at the location during those hours would be there in the background looking around. My brother was married at the Lake Harriet Rose Garden and it was the same for his wedding.

    One thought, though. Are you mostly interested in photos with the lighthouse in the background? If so, you would probably have to take those at a distance. Your photographer is not going to be able to do any good photos with both you and the lighthouse in the background during the ceremony if you are standing right next to it.
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