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I see that the wedding fair is coming up, to the people who have been to one, worth the time or a waste of time??

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    I dunno about the Mpls one but the St. Cloud one was worth it. Gives ideas and some places give extra discounts at the fair. Its nice to have various vendors in one spot. But I wouldn't only pick vendors that are there.
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    I went to the MSP one a couple years ago when a friend of mine was planning her wedding. It was CRAZY there, but if you know which vendors you want to see, then you can get some sweet discounts from them. 

    I agree with Shan to still shop around for vendors that aren't there. As big as the MSP one is, not every vendor's there.
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    It was ok, gives you good ideas.  Just don't put your phone number on stuff unless you want a bunch of businesses calling you for your business. 
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    As far as wedding planning went I didn't find it all that helpful (plus alot of the vendors at them seem to be the pricier ones) but I had a lot of fun looking at all the different things and trying lots of delicious food and cakes :)

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    I went when my sister was planning - you can win some pretty sweet stuff (don't take the cookware that you "win" though, I've heard HORROR stories about those folks) and you can sample some food and get a general feel for some vendors.  I think it is worthwhile.


    Don't put your phone number on anything.  like pp mentioned, you'll start getting cold calls from all sorts of people.  I only have a cell phone so that was problematic for a bit.

    And don't give out an email that you like having spam free.  If you put your email address on anything, you will get email fromt those vendors.  I used an older address that is still active, but I don't use on a daily basis.
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    I got a great deal on my photobooth when I went in March...
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    FI and I went to the last one, and it honestly didn't help much.  I don't think we're using a single vendor we met there, except maybe Savvi for the GM tuxes and possibly Deckci Decor to rent some stuff from, maybe a limo place if they're running any specials.  For us, those are fairly minor things.

    It's helpfulness really depends on how far along you are in your planning.  If you're just starting, it can be pretty useful, but if you're decided on most of your stuff and have already paid deposits, it's not worth it.  On the upside, you do get a year's subscription to Brides magazine with your ticket.
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    I went to one last January andit was amazing!!  But I was looking for inspiration to get the ball rolling.  It was super fun to taste all the food and cake and to see the runway gown shows.  It can be a little overwhelming though. If you need a bunch of major items I say go just to see what is out there but if you're hammered down already you may not get your moneys worth.
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    I am not sure if "help" is the best word, but they sure are fun!  A lot of vendors do attend the MSP one but as PP's said, not all of them. I love looking around at anything WR though, so that's just me. My BM and I went before my wedding, and now she is NYE but pretty close and we are going to the one in Oct. You can get some good deals and win prizes that are actually worth it from some vendors. Savvi Formalwear had a few different games to get breaks on tuxes etc. I also agree with don't give people name/email. However if they are a vendor you know 100% that you are going to be using and you want more info, that's a little different.
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