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No interest

Hi Ladies,
Lately, I've been not feeling the whole wedding planning thing.  Has anyone felt like this in the middle of their planning before?  How did you deal with this issue?  I'm not sure what it is, but I just don't have the energy to work on any wedding-related stuff. 

Re: No interest

  • I know the feeling! Right after we got engaged I was in full-on planning mode. But after a bit I got worn out and just kinda dropped it for a while until I decided we should really book our reception venue so we had a date in place and because I know the PEC can get booked fast. I haven't done a whole lot really but I go through phases of gathering ideas and then nothing for a while. I have over a year so I have the time to not think about it for a bit :-)

    There's definitely nothing wrong with taking a break from wedding planning, especially if you're just working on the details and/or have a lot of time. Planning can get stressful, so don't get too burnt out on it!
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  • No worries!  I definitely have time periods where I haven't done anything for our wedding - and then days (or weeks!) later I sit down and hammer out some more details.  Everyone's wedding is so different, so as long as you have things you want for it I think its important to try not to stress out too much on all the details - there are a billion (or more!) things you could plan for (including way too many little details) and what I've heard over and over from married friends is that although they thought some of those things were going to matter they didn't need to spend so much time agonizing over the tiny details.  Or maybe I'm just trying to tell myself this as I want it to be a fabulous day, but I also don't want to go into debt or get myself bent out of shape with stress.  So its good to maintain a healthy balance.
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  • I've felt the same way. If you have time, just take a break from it. It's not nearly as much fun to look at things if you just aren't into it. Take a break and your energy for the wedding will return :)
  • I found it helps to get one thing done at a time. When we were planning we made a list of the things we needed ( Photog, florist, limo, DJ, centerpieces, etc.).
    Then we did them just one at a time. Also one of our vendors, gave us great advice, in that some vendors are time sensitive- namely the service items like photog, DJ, limo. so we did those first and got the ones we wanted, then we did the other items that were products- flowers, cake, invitations etc.
    The other thing we did was set a specific date for when we wanted things done. For most things we gave ourselves 3 weeks.
  • It never hurts to take breaks from it at times, otherwise you'll get burned out and for sure not have interest in it :-)
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  • I remember feeling that way. I went full speed ahead for months and months and then I just needed a break. I stopped working on my DIY and let myself recharge a little bit. It is OK to take a breather and get your energy back.
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