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Wedding day timeline???

Hi girls! I was hoping for some guidance on wedding day timeline...if our wedding is at 3...can dinner be served by 5? 530? It's only appx 10 min away from the church.  We are debating doing pictures before the ceremony so our guests don't wait as long - but do the pictures afterwards take a very long time?  also, what time do you need to get started with your day with hair/makeup? Thanks for your input!
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Re: Wedding day timeline???

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    we thought about doing the pics afterwards except that every photog kept saying it would only take an hour but every wedding I've been in that did this it took at least 2 hours. So we will definitely be doing photos before the ceremony.

    If your ceremony is at 3, I think 5 would be a good time to do dinner. That way you have enough time between and you and your guests won't feel rushed or bored.
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    Hey there!  Welcome to the board!  = )

    What kind of ceremony are you having?  Is it in a church?  If so, what religion?  I'm getting married Catholic, so we had to factor in a much longer ceremony then others.

    What is your reasoning for not wanting to do pictures before?  Do you & FI just not want to see each other before?  If that's the issue, one idea would be to do all the shots you can where you & FI aren't in them together.  Then you can do the together ones after the ceremony.  It still may take awhile, but would be quicker then doing them all after the ceremony.  Talk to your photog about this.  An experienced photographer should be able to give you reasonable time estimates.

    As far as when to start getting ready, my hairstylist will be here at 8 AM for our 5 PM wedding.  She's doing hair for me & 3, (possibly all 4) of my BM's.  My makeup artist is also coming to the house, but I don't know when, as I haven't had my trial with her yet.  We'll go to the church around 1, I think & pictures start at 2:30.  We're doing a first look & then all the pictures with our BP & families.

    Hope that helps!  = )
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    It will be a lutheran ceremony...so 30 minutes tops probably for the ceremony.  Yes, the fiance is pretty adimant on not wanting to see eachother before the wedding :)
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    It will probably be tricky to get all your photos done in that timeframe if you aren't seeing each other beforehand!  You could probably do separate guys & girls wedding party and separate sides of the family's photos...

    We had a 3pm wedding (hour long full Mass) and did a first look and most of our family photos beforehand outside and did the remaining formal photos inside the church after our ceremony.  Since we did most of our photos that early, we got our hair and makeup started at 8:30am so we wouldn't run too late... we had 3 stylists, so got done in 2 hours.

    We arrived at the reception hall before our guests did for the 6:00pm social hour (drinks and hors d'ouerves) and we started serving dinner after all the speeches at 7:30 or so!  With the hors d'ouerves and serving kids meals early, everyone was tided over enough until the later dinner time.
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    My Wedding is at 3:00 PM and we are serving dinner around 5:15. We will be doing photos before the ceremony. If your FI does not want to see you before the wedding, take as many photos with your family and bridal party before. That way you wont be doing all the photos after and hopefully that will cut the time down after the ceremony for pictures.
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    My ceremony is at 3pm.  Cocktail hour at 5pm.  Dinner at 6pm.  We're doing pictures after the ceremony, but it's a small wedding party.
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