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horrible hair trial - what do i do!?

I had my hair trial last night with smart & chic bride (Yvonne) and it went awful the end result was nothing close to what  my photos looked like or the look I was going for . (I left in tears) She has offered to do a second trial but I just don't know if i'm comfortable using her for the big day after the disaster yesterday. Do I request a new stylist?
Anyone have any similar experience/advice?


Re: horrible hair trial - what do i do!?

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    Could you call and speak to a manager? I don't know if I'd feel comfortable using the same stylist, but I feel like if she's offering to do another trial at no cost, I'd go along with that.
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    I agree with tpender. Most stylists should be more than willing to work with you to get the exact look that you wanted. I would do the second trial with no cost if that is what she is offering. Otherwise definitely speak with management to make sure that your request is heard and you get the style you are paying for.
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    Personally, I would ask the manager for a free trial with a different stylist who has a better track record. As you mentioned, if it was me, even if the same person does a different trial for free and it turns out perfect, you will probably still worry if you'll end up with a disaster on your wedding day.

    Best to try and get someone new, with whom you will feel confident.
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