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Hey ladies! I did a search for this topic, but there wasnt a WHOLE lot to go off - any catering recommendations?  We're not trying to spend a whole lot - and we want to do a buffet style dinner.  I've seen lots of reviews about Hy-Vee, and our reception will *hopefully* be in Mission, KS - would that be a good hy-vee to work with?

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    I don't know about that particular Hy-Vee location, but Hy-Vee in general gets good reviews for their catering.

    Depending on the cost you're looking @, I'd also recommend Classis Catering (a co-worker used them & had postive things to say) or Brancato's - I met them at a Bridal fair and they were extremely flexible (just couldn't afford it with 500 people).
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    There is a Hy-Vee off of 87th Street in Lenexa (that's who I'm using) and they have been very helpful and nice.  They had the best prices and there food is good - we've been to numerous weddings with their food. 

    We did have a tasting with Classic Catering and LOVED there food but with the number of people we have it would have been to expense (we have 300 people). 
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    I've too heard great things about Hyvee, there is one in Mission. I'm not sure if they do catering, but there are a couple close by if they don't. I've also heard great things about Affordable Catering and Zio's (if you want Italian food)!
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    Hy-Vee at 119th and Ridgeview in Olathe has been great to work with.  Their catering manager Cheryl is great!
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    HyVee in Blue Springs! Our wedding is in KC and they are driving there to cater. The woman who runs the catering dept is a little kookie but I feel entirely confident that she will do an amazing job! She steered us toward the most expensive items to put in our package so we could add the cheaper things like cheese cubes in for a lower cost, she's letting kids eat free and she is just all around very understanding and wonderful. She says she fights with the idea of HyVee not being upscale enough all the time and puts her heart into her displays, service, presentation and staff to make them compete against even the most expensive caterers!
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    Try Affordable Catering at 75th & Metcalf 913 262-3044
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