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Church Rental?

I have been looking at churches in the area for our ceremony because our church does not have a center aisle and some posts would obstruct the view of some of our guests. I'm having a problem finding a church that would let us have our wedding there. Is church rental the wrong word? How should I go about asking this question? I'm afraid I'm offending some people by asking and they're not being very nice about it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Church Rental?

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    When you call them I would just say that you are interested in getting some information about getting married through their church. Are you looking to bring your own pastor? If you are not set on a church and depending on what time of year there are some great outdoor venues to consider in KC.
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    Churches in this area that you are not a member of can get really expensive. I would just stick with your own chuch-especially if you are members and it is a special place for you.

    Right now it seems like aisles and posts are a big deal but they aren't. Your guests will just adjust a little to see you at the alter.
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    I also wanted to look into using a church for our wedding ceremony.  The church we go to is a big tin commericial building.  I wanted the more traditional setting for the ceremony.  I found it is difficult to get churches to let you use their facility.  I called many churches of my denomination  (Lutheran) in the area and was turned down by most.  Finally, I found one in the area that was willing to let us use their church.  They even gave it to us for their members price too! Which is funny because there price was cheaper than my own church wanted for renting their commericial building.  

     I explained my situation to the churches I called by telling them what church I currently belonged to and my reason of wanting a traditional church setting, and asked if they ever let non-members use their church for a wedding ceremony.  Another question they will ask if you intend to use your own pastor or not.  Again, the church we are using is letting us bring in our own pastor.  Others church required their pastor to have some part of the service.    Not sure of your denomination if you have one but that may help to know too. 
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    The church that FI and I are using was the most reasonable church I have found since beginning the search over a year ago. It can be frustrating, but affordable churches are out there. I agree with PP about explaining the situation. FI grew up Missionary Baptist and I was raised Catholic, so we wanted to have a ceremony that didn't favor either side. Everyone we talked to understood and were willing to work with us. I recommend looking in the phone-book and calling different churches until you find the one you want.

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    Look into non denominational churches and Disciples of Christ churches.  Both are quite open to letting non-members use their churches. 
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    We are having our wedding at a church that we are not members of.  It seems like all the churches I looked into were available to non members for a certain price. 
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