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Hey ladies, I was wondering where everyone has/ will purchase their weddinng bands, both for the man and the woman. My engagement ring is from helzburg diamonds, and I found some women's rings there that I like and are priced pretty decently (I just want a plain white gold band) but I can't seem to find a decently priced ring for my FI. My friend said she got her husbands ring at overstocked.com for 5o dollars. I have checked that site out and I have found some nice rings, but I want to make sure I get him a good quality ring. He says that he would probably like just a plain white gold band too. Any suggestions ladies?
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    My e-ring came from Shane Co. They have been great but may be a little on the pricey side. I do shop at Overstock.com and I would suggest that you read the reviews for any item that you purchase on there.
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    I got FI's band at Helzberg's.  I am not getting a band b/c my ring is already a band.
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    I too got my engagement ring from Shane Co. We plan to get the other two bands there as well. I haven't actually gone into the store to look for my FI wedding band, but from the prices online they seem pretty cheap. I want to get him a titanium one, he's a very simple guy...but online they are around $70-100, can't recall what it is for white gold though. I know they match the price online from past experiences with them.
    Good Luck!
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    Meierotto's is awesome to work with.  I love their shop.
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    Thanks for your suggestions ladies! Those are all great ideas Laughing
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