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Hey Ladies!

I live in Delaware and my fiance and I are trying to find location(s) to take our engagement photos.  Our photographer is from Delaware but i would like to have a few options on where to go.  I didnt grow up in Delaware and my fiance does NOT have a photographic eye! lol We just found out that we are getting them done next saturday, so im kinda in a rush to find a great spot!


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    Does your photographer have any ideas?  I would ask where other couples have gone then scope them out and decide.
    You aren't confined to just Delaware. We live in Worthington and are taking photos at OSU. We had a lot of special moments there so that's where we are going.
    I grew up in GA, not OH. So, I am not familliar with this area at all. FI is. So, we made a list of all the places we went that held significance and OSU had the most.
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    If it's not too far for you, I would recommend the Franklin Park Conservatory (downtown Columbus).  Our photographer suggested it and it was absolutely beautiful.  I couldn't have picked a better location!  We just got our pictures back and everything looked  beautiful!
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    We left it up to our photographer where to get our e-pics done. He has an amazing eye for detail, so I would definitely ask your photographer! We went to the Audobon (sp?) metro park just south of downtown. Lots of nature shots, but also some cool shots next to a modern-looking building. We just had them done yesterday so I don't quite know what they look like yet :) I am trying to think of areas in Delaware... a good photographer can pretty much get a photo of you two anywhere and it will look great. I've seen photos of couples literally walking in the middle of a street and it looks amazing. I agree with a PP as well... Franklin Park Conservatory is soooo pretty!
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    Does it have to be in the Delaware area? I grew up in Lewis Center, just down the road so I am trying to think of places in the area.

    What about the Park of Roses in Clintonville or Highbanks Metro Park in Worthington off of Rt 23? If I think of anything else, I will post.

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    I live in Powell, but I had my senior pictures done at a park in Delaware, there was a waterfall water and lots of greenery.  I'll look online to see if I can find the name of the park.  Do you have to stay in Delaware, Oh?  You could always go to Highbanks, its beautiful and they have lots of different things to photograph. 

    What is your style(urban/country)? Where do you picture yourself in engagement pictures (city, outdoors)?  Have you asked your photographer how far they would be willing to travel outside of Delaware or if they have any special spots they like to use?
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    The name of the park is Blue Limestone Park in Delaware, Oh.  You could do both the park and the old buildings in Delaware (using the old bricks).  You can always search Delaware Oh engagement pictures too!
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    I went to Ohio Wesleyan in Delaware and the campus is really beautiful. Our friends got their pictures taken there and they turned out great. 
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    thanks for the great advice everyone! I do have to stay around the delaware area as my photographer has an appointment that afternoon.  I was slightly disappointed because i had a lot of great places to go outside of Delaware. 

    My theme is very rustic without being too casual.  I think the park and the brick buildings could work! thanks!
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    There is a church in downtown Delaware the has BRIGHT red doors, it would be cute too :)  Hope all works out for your e-pics!
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