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Mia's Bridal Alterations = AWFUL

 Mia’s Bridal Alterations = AWFUL!! I think I might have mentioned to this board that I had a great experience shopping at Mia’s Bridal as a Bridesmaid, but horrible experience shopping there as a Bride. I know many of you really like Mia’s, but I thought I would put out a warning on their alterations. The wedding I was in as a bridesmaid was this past weekend. All the dresses looked nice on everyone, but there were several of us who had alteration issues with Mia’s.  I for one had a HORRIBLE experience there. I live up by the airport, so Mia’s is about a 40 min drive one-way. Because we bought the dresses from Mia’s I thought it would be best for me to get the dress altered at the shop we purchased them from.  I went in for the first alteration and the staff was very nice. I was in and out pretty quickly. When I went to pick up the dress on a Friday night, almost a week before the wedding, I paid and asked if I should try the dress on and she said just to try and on at home and let them know if there was any problems.  I went home and tried on the dress (it was strapless) and it wouldn’t even stay up because it was so big. I had lost no weight. In fact according to my scale I was 1 lb heavier since I originally went in for alterations.  (This was a mistake on my behalf because I should have tried it on at the store. LESSON LEARNED – Always try on your bridesmaid dress) I called them back on Saturday and ended up taking the dress back on Tuesday to get if fixed. I went there on Thursday to pick it up. I made sure I tried the dress on and I had the sales lady zip me up. She was unable to zip it up because they zipper was not sewn in correctly on the other side; it had gotten caught in the chiffon material and was making a hole. So I had to leave the dress there and pick it up first thing on Friday morning before the wedding.  It wasn’t just me having problems with their alterations, another bridesmaid in the same wedding complained her dress was too tight. You could barely zip it up over her chest. She was in tears most of the night because it was so tight and she had to be very careful when she sat down. While I was in the store on Thursday, I saw another girl pick up her dress and was complaining about her bridesmaid dress alterations as well. So I felt that obviously, it wasn’t just me.  I went back on Friday and the dress finally fit. I asked for a refund or partial refund for the dress back, but Mia refused to give it. I could maybe understand 1 alteration or maybe 2, but seriously 3 times for alterations?! That was a little ridiculous. The sales clerk that helped me was a so rude to me as well. I wasn’t nasty about it, I just felt that almost an hour and a half round trip was a lot to get alterations, when it shouldn’t be taken this many alterations for a bridesmaid dress!  At the wedding, by the beginning of the reception, my dress had started to unravel! The dress had rouching across the bodice and it was coming off. I’m talking about 6 inches came off the bodice! I was VERY disappointed that after paying $70 in alterations with 3 alterations that this was happening! You would think I would be able to make it through one day with the dress. At this point, the dress is now totally ruined, so there will be no possibility of me wearing it again.  Although, yes, most of us can admit we don’t wear them again. I had actually liked this one and wanted to wear it on a possible honeymoon cruise. I wanted everyone to know about my experience and if you are getting alterations there, WATCH OUT!!!
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Re: Mia's Bridal Alterations = AWFUL

  • kelleyku05kelleyku05 member
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    I ordered my dress from them, but I do not plan on getting the alterations done by them.  I have  not heard very good things about their alterations.  I recommend finding a differnt person to alterations regardless of where you buy your dress because bridal salons all tend to over charge!  I have a lady who does alterations out of her home and she does a great job for half the price!
  • prideeinpynkprideeinpynk member
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    Kelly - mind sharing the lady you use?

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  • kelleyku05kelleyku05 member
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    Pridee-I'll send you a PM with her contact info.
  • HammysGirlHammysGirl member
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    Wow, thanks for posting this. I had a dress altered for a wedding this past weekend and well and had no issues, but there are obviously a lot of people that have. Good to know!
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