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Mini BBQ Sauce for gift bags

Hi ladies,  I'm looking for the little bottles of Gates Barbeque sauce for our out-of-town gift bags, but I'm having problems finding them.  Any suggestions for where to look? Thanks!

Re: Mini BBQ Sauce for gift bags

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    we were also looking at doing this, but by having bbq from canada (believe it or not...it's better than gates!).  they didn't provide anything smaller than their regular size bottle. i went straight to corporate, so that may be who you want to check with. perhaps swing by a restaurant and ask for the manager? find out who you can contact?? hope this helps!!
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    kansas sampler!
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    I second Kansas Sampler.  They have many varieties of BBQ sauce, not just Gates.  They also have a bunch of other things that would be perfect for gift bags if you need more ideas!
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    I think I ordered the small bottles directly from Gates (did it for a party several years ago). You have to order by the case, though.
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