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Hey Knotties, So I think we’ve all seen Jill and Kevin’s wedding processional. There have been lots of chat on the boards about it, whether you love it or not, I want to know if you've seen anything like this at a wedding or plan on doing it at your wedding? It seems like we’ve went from a choreographed first dance to this. I’d love to hear what you’ve seen at weddings or receptions since this has become a trend. You can email me at [email protected] or post below. Thanks so much!Annie
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Re: Question for you...

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    I first saw this last night.I kinda liked it... But to be honest I really want everyone to ohhh and ahhhh over me when I walk down the Isle. And it's a really big deal for me to see my Fi's look on his face when he sees me too so I wouldn't do it down the Isle.That being said I showed it to Fi and asked him if he would like to do something like this as our introduction at the reception. He's kinda shy and said prob not, but I think some of this is because our wedding party is going to  learn and bust out the thriller dance after all the formal dances... To kinda break the ice and get the party started.Also another thing my mom and I are planning is during the speeches, we are going to get FI's mom to be like "So Groom.... I am so happy you are FINALLY settling down... you ARE settling down right? No more late night out with your buddy's (note Fi has never been this way) Since you are now a married man I am affraid I am going to have to ask all the women to give back the keys to your house!!!"Then we are going to give keys to like EVERYONE including my grandma and have them kinda sexily give them back!! It should be a great prank!(We can't take credit for this, we heard it from someone else)
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    I saw this last week and thought it was awesome. It shows that people can still have fun, even if it is a serious thing. It was only the processional, not the whole ceremony anyway.For my wedding, we are planning do by a bit odd aswell. Our men will be entering to Shipping up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys, prandishing their swords, flasks and smokes. The women will enter in something fitting and fun although what has still yet to be decided. Then once I enter, or rather am given away by my father, things will turn serious, as it is a serious event. I think it is brilliant to have a ceremony that reflects who you are as people, and showing that you are not quiet and walking in slow step as told sometimes just makes it more relaxing and fun for everyone else.
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