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A Frog Prince

I just looking through the PWG book and saw this venue which seems to be great for a small event. It is in my price range and its all inclusive. But I had never heard about it. Does any one have any experience with it?

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  • Duckyoflove13Duckyoflove13 member
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    I found this one online somehow and I agree it looks great for an event. However when I posted on it a while back, noone had heard of it either. I haven't made any appointments or anything there as I have a lot of time until my wedding. If you do learn anything new, please I beg of you, let me know!
  • glitrgrl25glitrgrl25 member
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    A coworker just got married there a few weeks ago.  He said the pastor was not very good (not sure if you are looking for a ceremony place too) and recommended bringing in your own officiant.  The location is very pretty, but ask about the catering. I heard that the caterers "crashed" the wedding and stayed or the party to eact and drink.  NOT professional.
  • andpro01andpro01 member
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    I was considering this venue and went to see it in person (no one called me back when I tried to schedule something so I just drove by it.)  The space is really in the country and is off a gravel road.  I immediately thought dust would be an issue if people were driving by during the ceremony.  Also, the reception space looks to be in a barn (I didn't see the inside) and the entire place is on someone's personal property.  There is a house right there that someone clearly lives in.  Anyway, I quickly crossed it off my list.
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