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Missouri-Kansas City

wedding cake disaster

I just got an email from one of my good friends who is a wedding coordinator in KC, I thought that it deserved to be shared.....draw your own conculusions"...I go to Whole Foods in KC to pick up the wedding cake to take to Lawrence. I get there, they go in the back, come out again and say, "Umm, it fell over just now in the back." I'm like ok, how are you going to fix it? They say their decorator is here and can have it fixed in 15 mintues. Great, perfect, the bride doesn't even need to know! They touch up the frosting, I peer in the tall box and it appears to be fine. It's a small two tier cake, but very pretty and comes with a gorgeous sheet cake in whipped cream and berries. Husband and I very carefully, very slowly, drive to Lawrence with this two tiered berry chentille cake with whip cream frosting...very volatile. We get inside the reception site, open the box, and it has returned to its tipped over position. The dowel rod inside the cake was not repaired, and it is now sticking out the side, and it's slumped over on itself. The bride is also there and sees the cake...cue freaking out by bride, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride. Cue 20 minute phone "conversation" with Whole Foods. I say "conversation" because it was more me telling them what they were going to do for me. (Husband says you don't want to be on the other end of these phone calls when they happen.) So I told them that they were going to make me a whole new wedding cake in one hour and we'd have someone there to pick it up. They did a lot of heming and hawing, but agreed to my terms. At that point though (since I was on and off of hold with Whole Foods) I'd already come up with two others plans just in case. Option B I found a cake maker within the reception site itself who could whip up new frosting, possibly rebuild the base, and see if that works.Whole Foods offered begrudgingly to remake it, but warned that it would be even more fragile than the first, since it hadn't had time to be refridgerated. The cake itself is too fragile (as is sank from the timethey made it to the time it got to the reception almost an inch in size,so the dowel rods stuck up an inch above the bottom later) and the frosting is too delicate to make it any distance to a reception site,without them delivering it themselves so they can repair the damage,that is sure to happen, when they arrive at the reception site. I put my confidence in this other cake maker though, and ended up telling Whole Foods thanks but no...I don't want another one of your cakes that seem so unstable. In the end my new cake maker really pulled through and came out with an amazing cake.... My advice go for a real bakery that actually delivers, or have the reception site make the cake!"

Re: wedding cake disaster

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