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Rehearsal Dinner

We are looking for a restaurant to hold our rehearsal dinner at that is close to the Plaza. We are inviting our OOT guests, so it will be for about 70 people. Anyone have any experience with any places that are either right on the Plaza, or are pretty close?? TIA!!!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner

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    Have you looked at Buco or The Brio? I have heard great things about both of those places!
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    We thought about those too, we are trying to find somewhere that is 'original' to KC.  Most of the OOT are from Chicago, where FI is from, so we'd like to show them what KC has to offer too:)  Those may have to be an option though, thanks!
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    KC is known for BBQ...how about a place like Jack Stack Freight House?  It is by Union Station but can accommodate that many guests and has a great ambiance.
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    We are going to have our rehearsal dinner at Carmen's Cafe in Brookside.  It's about 5 minutes from the Plaza, and we are just renting the whole upper level.  Lidia's in the crossroads downtown would also be a good option, but it's a little farther away from the Plaza.
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    Jack Stack BBQ would be a great place to hold your RD!
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    Anthony's is an AMAZING Italian place downtown and is a Kansas City original.  I think they have a banquet room.
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    How about Californo's?  It is in Westport, right off Westport Rd.  We just looked there for ours, and I believe that they may have a room that holds that many and they also have an outdoor option :) I have been to a reception there and the food is FABULOUS!
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    I second Lidia's...it was too small for our RD, but we looked at it and loved it.  On the Plaza there's Grand Street that's a KC original (and they have private rooms).  Harry Starkers is fabulous and I've been to large events there.  It, too, is a KC original. If you wanted to go offbeat, I wonder if Winstead's would rent out the space one night (maybe offer drive-through but rent out the space).
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