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Missouri-Kansas City

HELP- Fire Truck Rental?

OK I NEED HELP! My soon to be hubby is a firefighter, but not in KC.  I would love love love to surprise him with a firetruck to take us away from the church.  My friend's dad is the fire chief for Lenexa, but I dont know if its possible to use a real truck from the station.  MY QUESTION IS: does anyone know of a place i can get a VINTAGE FIRE TRUCK to rent in the Kansas City area?

Re: HELP- Fire Truck Rental?

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    the fire stations around here might be the best places to check for knowledge on where you can find a vintage fire trucks...i'm sure they probably know people from either work or conventions who showcase them.this is an awesome idea, btw. my family is full of military, emt and firefighting folks...this is just a spectacular idea that commemorates something important in your lives and i think that's rad.  :)
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  • HammysGirlHammysGirl member
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    I am asking my friend whose hubbs is a fireman. Will write back ASAP! :-)
  • tbridetobetbridetobe member
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    We had an actual fire truck from the Independence, MO fire dept for a cheerleading thing back in high school (our theme was like, "our team is smokin hot" or something equally lame, LOL). I don't know about vintage ones though.
  • HammysGirlHammysGirl member
    edited December 2011
    OK, my friend said she didn't think it was possible because she'd tried to rent a FT for her wedding and was unable to. However, I'd say ask around & if whoever you ask doesn't have any information, ask them if they know who WOULD and see if they can direct you to the right person.The only other thing I can think of the is "Pumper 69" party bus from kcpartbusses.com, but it doesn't sound like that's QUITE what you're looking for... :-)Best of luck!
  • ClovesCClovesC member
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    union station has a vintage firetruck and the firefighter museum is there as well, you might check with them. :)
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