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Um... five more days?!!!

Say what! I am getting married this Saturday and there is still so much I have left to do!
I still don't have a first dance song :(
I still need to print off and make the ceremony programs
I haven't worked out in, like, two months!
My hair is still uncut and unhighlighted
My florist just gave me the cost for the centerpieces, and I cannot afford it! So I'm going to have to go to Costco or something and hope they can do it in a few days
I just got my dress back today, and still need to get it cleaned
I need two people to bartend, and I can't seem to get anyone to do it
Our videographer hasn't called to confirm anything yet

My procrastination has just f-ed me over.

Re: Um... five more days?!!!

  • Relax ! I just got married 09/01/2012 and lets see um ...two days before the wedding the DJ told me that he couldn't do it. The air was being worked on at the reception hall, and various other things. So ask for help!!! I have a great gal that did our hair and was very economical. Try Hy-Vee for flowers, or you can get pre-made silks from Hobby Lobby (or other crafts stores), Go for a jog first thing in the mornig; that will help you feel better. You don't really need programs. Firts dance song ask him to pick. If your dress is clean but needs ironed...put it on a hanger and hang in the bathroom and just run hot water; keep the door closed the idea is to stea out the wrinkles. E-mail if you have more questions. I am local in kansas city I might have contacts that can help. Remember this is your special day. I know that you want is to be perfect,but try not to stress. TRUST ME


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