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I currently live out of town and am trying to find a reasonably priced reception site in the KC area. I am trying to get an idea of some great places to look as I will only have 1 visit to see everything and make a decision. I am currently looking at the following locations:
- Californios
- The Pavillion 
-  Studio B
- Club 1000
Any other suggestions on places to look at? specifically places that allow you to bring your own alcohol? Planning on having about 150 people and will be getting married in a church - so ceremony site is not needed.  Thanks for the help!

Re: KC Reception Site Suggestions

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    I am in the same boat! I live out of town and just rapped up my reception search over 2 weekend trips! We are going doing ours at River Market Event Place (much more work, but beautiful), but looked at a lot of the places you mentioned.

    - Californios - Love LOVE LOVE them! Great prices, nice people and amazing food! If you want an event that is going to be easy-peasey then do it here!! The owners are fabulous and really willing to work with you. It was a hard decision for us to make between them, but it came down to size. Californos is huge and we were afraid with all the multiple rooms people would get sepereated and not mingle as much (with 150 guests). You must check it out and see for yourself how it would work for your crowd. You cant bring your own alcohol, but their prices are VERY fair.

    - The Pavillion - not familiar

    -  Studio B - Almost did it here too, the owners are awesome and the place is adorable! Prices are also very reasonable, but you need to provide everything including food, bev, tables, linens, etc.

    - Club 1000 - over priced and RUDE, I would avoid if you are on a budget.

    I have done a lot of research on multiple venues, and have an elaborate (my fiance would say OCD) spreadsheet to prove it. If you want more info feel free to reach out at norris(dot)wedding(at)yahoo(dot)com. We are doing our entire wedding, reception, honeymoon and wedding bands for under $18,000 - so the research has paid off!
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    Hi! I would suggest the Arts Incubator, but they fill up quickly so just check our their online calendar for your date. I talked to the Pavillion but they were way to "packaged" for me ... I wanted some uniqueness to our reception. We had a holiday party at Californio's and it was a very nice venue and good food and it's in an entertainment district so plenty of entertainment options for your out of town guests. Have fun!
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    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Just to let you know, I was interested in The Pavillion as well.  It's located right down the street from my work, so I thought it would be convenient for my guests.  However, I couldn't find it at all.  Finally, I spotted it hidden in the middle of a strip mall squeezed between a Dollar General and a Big Lots.  Now, scenery isn't THE most important thing to me, but it does have an effect on me and my guests.  Although their website is nice and the couple that runs is nice, I really just don't want pictures of a Big Lots and a Dollar General. (This may have no effect on you and I probably sound really shallow right now. :P) 

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    We just booked Studio B for the reception!  I love it, and the owners are super flexible with everything. I like that there's plenty of parking (and you don't pay extra for it), it has a lot of character but isn't so rough and unfinished the way a lot of the loft-y places are (the berg and arts incubator come to mind, although I liked those also).  You do have to provide tables, chairs, alcohol, food, etc. as PP said. 

    Club 1000 is pretty, but has a horrible reputation with vendors, according to the internet and my wedding planner.  So keep that in mind... 
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    I'm having my reception at Parkway West, which is a banquet/event hall.

    The Nara event space is pretty nice.

    If you want something different, and depending on what time of year your wedding is, the air museum is really cool. We wanted to have our reception there, but our reception is in July and there's no air conditioning, we didn't want people to get overheated. http://www.ahmhangar.com/weddings/

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