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I have always felt that my bridesmaids dresses should be something they could wear more than once including shoes. Which led me to my origanal colors black and lilac. Little black dresses for bridesmaids with lilac sashes/accessories and lilac heels. My heel are a fabulous teal color (old/blue)Wink. Me and my BM are all shoe divas! Our shoes just has to be fabulous and dual purpose (wear again). We all love 3-5 in heels.

Problem: Cant find any cute dyeable shoes!Cry
2nd problem: Might have to change colors due to P#1. What other colors would make a bright splash without being tacky (such as black/orange=halloween or black/yellow=bumblebee) or could i actually pull those combinations off?

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS! Smile

Re: Wedding Colors

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    I'm doing black and red.  Black dress with red shoes
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    I truly think you can do almost any color with black, that's the beauty of it.  Espcecially if you make the accents more subtle, you'll be fine.  FWIW, I love black and pink or purple or red or teal or green.

    I'm doing black and gold, so my BMs all picked out their own black dress and I'm making gold sashes to go with them.  They're wearing black shoes too since everyone always has them already, and their other accessories can snazz up the outfit if they want.

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    My wedding colors are hot pink and black. So I am doing a simple black dress with hot pink heels :) I found a lot of cute ones at Zappos.com...you should check there for your lilac color!

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    I'm doing something of the reverse.  Eggplant (purple) dresses with black shoes and I'm wearing eggplant (purple shoes).  I agree with previous post you should check Zappos.  I found some great puple shoes for me at a great price.  I like the idea of the teal or a pinkish color as well.  HTH
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    I'm going with black and champagne.  My girls probably won't wear any champagne with their black dresses, because like you, I want them to be able to wear them again.  But the sash is great so they can just take it off.
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    Amore Bridal and Tuxedo has a lot of very cute dyeable shoes and will dye them black after the wedding.  Go to their website and check out the selected vendors of dyeable shoes!  amorebride.com it is in the drop down menu.  Great thing is that you can select the exact color of lilac that you want from their color swatches for bridesmaids dresses!!!

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    Do you want all of your girls' shoes to match, or would you be willing to let them pick out their own style of shoe & dye it a "popping" color to go with the dresses?
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    [QUOTE]Do you want all of your girls' shoes to match, or would you be willing to let them pick out their own style of shoe & dye it a "popping" color to go with the dresses?
    Posted by HammysGirl[/QUOTE]

    I want the shoes to match since they are picking there own dresses (black, tea length, not strapless). We all have the same fashion sense when it comes to shoes so it would definitely be something that we ALL LOVE!!
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    Black and hot pink! I think a lot of colors would go with black, though, like red, yellow, teal would be great, purple, etc.
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    I am doing the same thing, I'm letting the girls pick out whatever dress they want so they can wear it again... in black... a cute little short party dress... and since I LOVE zebra print they are all wearing zebra printed shoes!! Our colors are black white and yellow so they will match perfectly. There are some VERY cute ones online at Target.com... Hope this helps!!! :)
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