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Missouri-Kansas City

DIY Wedding?

Anyone else in KC having a DIY wedding? Holler back! Share low budget ideas and venues!

Re: DIY Wedding?

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    we are half doing it ourselves half not...first tip print own invites.  For venue, there is a kansas city wedding magazine.  In the back they list the venues and how  many they hold and costs...wish i had found this before i booked things :-p
  • mollysophiamollysophia member
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    Oh wow! KC wedding magazine. Good to know! Thank you. Yeah I currently go to the Art Institute so I have access to all of the letterpress. My tuition is finally paying off!
  • kwagner1211kwagner1211 member
    edited December 2011
    Second tip: when doing searches for materials accessories, etc. don't use the word wedding! I found that anything wedding associated is expensive. When I looked at flower girl basets they were over $20! But when I took my 40% Hobby Lobby coupon to the store and bought a white Easter basket, it was much cheaper! I'm doing DIY invites, programs, centerpieces, church decorations, and maybe a few other small projects.
  • kelleyku05kelleyku05 member
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    I chose an expensive venue, so everything else will be DIY.  I'm printing everything myself, making my own favors, and any decorations I can.
  • LadyZyLadyZy member
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    OMG an Easter basket as a flower girl basket!!! I love it and am going to steal this idea... Thanks!
  • LadyZyLadyZy member
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    BTW, I found a perfect little basket at JoAnn's last night that i'm going to use for a FG basket & I only paid $2.50! All it really needs is some ribbons tied to the handle. Soooooo much cheaper (and cuter) than buying a pre-made itty-bitty generic one...
  • tracy_irbtracy_irb member
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    We're doing almost everything DIY for ours. I agree to skip the word wedding in all searches. Not only are things usually more expensive, they are also usually cookie-cutter, generic. 
    I found invitation paper/envelope sets at:  www.southwestannouncements.com
     **did my own printing, but pieced together the cut papers I wanted & I found the colors to be true
    In doing our own centerpieces, I am skipping flowers and using vases/apothecary jars with candy and other fillers. Then I'm making little boxes with ribbons/flowers in our colors and guests can fill their own. I'm doing different candy on each table (to encourage mingling.) Little boxes, jars, etc can be found at most craft stores like Michaels, JoAnns, etc.
    Favorite sites for my centerpieces: www.save-on-crafts.com (vases and misc)

    I am doing ribbon boutonnieres. The Knot has some samples on line or you can see step-by-step instructions for one style at: http://hiphostess.blogspot.com/2009/09/diy-ribbon-boutonniere.html

    The last item I'm working on is not a DIY myself, but someone could always look at adapting the idea. I am putting together a matted/framed series of letters/numbers as a wedding gift to my fiance. It will look like the old fashioned business "shingles" that were hung in small towns etc. Ours will say "Belt House, est. 2010" in black/white photographs (of everyday items but from angles to resemble letters/numbers.) Check out www.alteredalphabet.com to see what I'm trying to describe.

    I hope some of this is helpful for my fellow DIY-ers!

  • amcguire1213amcguire1213 member
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    ok well im a bride and a Reverend I'm doing a DIY wedding I booked the Bigham  Wagonner Estate I got the grounds, the house, and the Carriage House all for under 2,000 this doesnt include food. Im having a Oct 30 wedding and doing a costume themed wedding and used a valentine basket thats all black with red sparkle hearts. Hobby Lobby is a amazing place  I found Champine Glasses 50 for $9.99 plastic forks that look like real silver 80 for $9.99. And I got my dress at Davids Bridal on their 99.00 special. For Music I'm using my Ipod hey it works lol. Also check Craigslist.com
    If you want any more info email me at [email protected]
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    Definitely do your own invitations. If you print in all black you can get them printed really cheap at Office Max. I bought paper from paperandmore.com.

    I'm getting my flowers from Costco in Independence. They have gorgeous bouquets for $15. The only thing is that you can't chose what type of flowers - only the colors. And, you will need to find someone to finish the bouquets and make corsages, etc. You can't beat that price though and the flowers are stunning!

    I'm covering my flower girl baskets in moss, so I bought them at a second hand store and only paid $1.50 for all three combined! You'll be amazed at what you can find in those stores!

    Definitely sign up for coupons through Joann Etc. and Hobby Lobby.
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