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Food Food Food!

Ok, so FI and I were going over the budget last night... Since "life" happens, we have had some unexpected expenses arise over the last year.  Our Wedding is in October and we are having it at 28 Event Space.  (The pictures on FB are AMAZING!!) Anyway, we are looking at "Possibly" having to scrap our Caterer and going for something MUCH cheaper. I'm reaching out to find some ideas... I'm thinking a back up plan would be to make/bake our own food?  Maybe Lasagna, bread, salad?  Our original idea/plan was to go with V's Italian Restaurant.  But, it's about $2,500 (Yes, I know VERY cheap for 150-200 people - WITH Attendants, all the supplies, plates, forks, napkins...etc..  Still could be way over what we want/need to spend on food.)  

Anyway, let me know your ideas!!! 

Re: Food Food Food!

  • How bout having a cocktail or dessert reception?  While making your own food seems like the cheaper way to go and it may be, but when you add in your labor and the stress--you'll be wishing that you would have hired someone.  I've just heard that catering your own wedding is not the best idea. 
  • Will your venue let you cater your own dinner? I know a lot of venues require certain permits for the outside caterers. 

    Have you considered cheaper catering options? I know a lot people recommend Hy-Vee as a great low cost option.  I believe they have a lasagna option as well.  Catering your own food may seem cheaper to start but the hassle and stress may make it not worthwhile.  Also buying the supplies like the chafing dishes could be additional costs. 
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