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So I'm deploying and my fiance and I just decided last week we are going to get married at the Hotel Phillips on March 2nd..of this year..because i'm deploying at the end of march...with that being said..i have about a 1000 dollar budget to pay for our hotel, some food for our guests (20), photography, and some other items i guess..anyone have any ideas on how we can skimp and save!

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    I only have two ideas. One each for food and photography. When FI and I first got engaged (21&24y/o) our family suggested we do a pot luck to help save money. It is not a very popular discussion on TK, but I think with the right people, it can be a lovely dinner. My only other input is for your photographer. Maybe try ones that charge by the hour?? Cedar Creek Photo starts at $200/hour. HTH

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    I'd say to save on food, have it at an off time, when people aren't expecting a full meal. That way you can get away with having some appetizers, but not having to pay for a full meal. Also, depending on the time, if you do it earlier, people aren't likely to drink as much alcohol, which would save you money as well.
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    You could have a dessert reception! And ask certain family members to bring one of their favorite desserts or pies. A friend of mine did this and they had like 20 different pies and they were r all homeade and people could contribute in a small way to their wedding. A cash bar will also save $$.

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    I wonder if you could contact the KC Art Institute Photography Dept and ask if they have any senior students that would want to work your wedding?  My cousin did this successfully with their graphic design department to get her invitations designed a few years ago.  Might be worth a shot, and you'd get a talented photographer for a very reduced price.  Best of luck to you in your planning and impending deployment!
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