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I am getting married in December and trying to put together a Kansas City OOT bag for our family coming in from Ohio!  What are some great things from KC that could go in the bag?

Re: OOT Bags

  • Agree with the Kansas Sampler, great ideas there! Wizard of Oz stuff is always fun, BBQ of course! Crown center/hallmark  stuff, anything left from our All star game this past summer?
    Roasterie Coffee, jazz from our 18th and Vine district, or our new Kaufman center.
    Chiefs stuff, royals stuff, Negro baseball museum, MU or Ku stuff.
    hope it helps!

  • Great lists!  Thank you so much ladies! :)
  • I would not only add gates but Jack stack too. They actually sell small sampler boxes. We have a ton on great local vendors so maybe you can find something that you can only get in KC?? Great idea and good luck
  • Hi Blue - most of our guests are coming in from Ohio, too!  We plan to put mini bags of Roasterie coffee, bottled water, mini BBQ sauces, some snacks, and if you go down to Customer Service on the Plaza, you can get a bunch of brochures of stuff to do in the city.  We figure it's a nice way to welcome guests who might have some down time and might not want to spend EVERY waking minute on wedding stuff!

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