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I met with my first florist this past weekend. I liked her but wanted some opinions. We are probably doing mainly red gerbera daisies, and our venue has tall ceilings. The florist suggested using tall vases (seemed like close to 2' tall!) because of the tall ceilings, but it my mind I was thinking short vases all along. Only 8-10 tables. Do tall vases with a few flowers look OK and do they get in the way while people are talking? It would be similar to below, only red gerbera's. Opinions please!


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    I think they would like fine with red flowers. My honest opinion is the table looks too bare with something that tall. Do you plan to have candles around the bottom? Colored linens? I would suggest adding some color to the table too.
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    Probably black linen over white...but I hadn't thought about adding anything else. Candles could work - it's a daytime reception but candles could still help. Thanks!
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    It was very light in the room when our reception started, and the candles still helped fill in the table for our reception.

    I like tall vases like that.  When they're that tall and thin, it doesn't get in the way of people talking across the table.  It looks very nice and elegant, IMO.

    If you can't get black linens over white, you could always have black/colored napkins instead.
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    I think they look great, and since they are slim vases, they won't get too in the way. I also like the candle suggestions, that will add a little extra to the table. You could also add some rose petals or something if you were worried about the table still being too bare, but i think they look great!
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