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Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Like i've mentioned previously my lovely ladies are wearing navy blue, but they all have different -styles- (Same color and material tho!) I want to have them all pulled together by wearing the same shoes and jewelry... 

Does anyone know of a place (or a method!) to dye shoes? I want them to match the grey of the mens' tuxes... Any ideas? 

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    Most bridal shops dye shoes I believe, not sure if you have to buy them there though.  You could also try shoe repair shops.
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    I bought my wedding shoes in white and ended up getting an ivory dress, so I'm also looking for a place to dye my shoes.  I know I should've waited on buying my shoes, but they were perfect and on sale...so, I'll be on the lookout also, let me know if you find anything. 
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    Kelly is right...any bridal shop will dye shoes. David's bridal, Mia's, Rosie's, Bridal Extraordinaire, any of them. Payless also does it too, but idk if you have to buy their shoes...but I'm not sure about shoes that you've already bought that aren't dyeable. I think it would depend on what they are made out of. HTH.
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    For a (possibly) cheaper alternative to bridal shops, Payless sells/dyes shoes. I've never seen the quality of work, but it might be worth researching.

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