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Need your help! Voting...

Some of my girls on the Oct 2010 board may have seen this, so sorry for the double post. I just really would love to win!

I know this is *generally* not allowed, but I've been here forever so I hope no one gets offended by my soliciting votes.

David and I are finalists on TK and WeddingChannel.com's "20 Million Brides and Counting" challenge. Please help us by voting for us to win the grand prize of a trip to TK's Annual Party, Bridal Fashion Week, a free dress, and other awesome stuff.

All you have to do is go here:

We are couple #16.

Please. *puppy dog eyes*

Chrissy & David -- 10/10/10

This is my "OMG-Don't-Drop-Me" face

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Re: Need your help! Voting...

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