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"knottie" names

Okay ladies. I just replied to a post and mentioned my screen name - which happens to be our nickname (FI and I). I thought it might be fun to share how we came up with the different screen names... Maybe??

Team Dynamite comes from TNT :) FI had a nickname all through school as "Tittyman" - which he is so not, so I'm not sure where that came from, but it's funny now. I am from Texas, so everyone local calls me "Ms Texas". Together we became "Tittyman & Texas". The first time I met FI's dad and his family, we went bowling. FI and I were on the same team, so we had to shorten our names for the screen.... that's where we got T&T... which later became TNT... and after a few drinks one night, I shouted "TEAM DYNAMITE" and we high-fived. Ever since then it's been our thing :) We even have the letters "TNT" nailed above the door at our house. It certainly makes for interesting conversation! We plan on being high-fiving after being announced "M/M" after the ceremondy and will use the "Team Dynamite" name throughout the reception.

I hope others can share some fun stories, too. It's going to be a great week, ladies.

Re: "knottie" names

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    Mine is pretty self explanatory.....My name is Kelley...I went to KU...I graduate in 05!  Love your story though Ms Texas, very fun and creative!  :-)
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    Team Dynamite:  pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

    PS.  my FI and I met at a bowling alley, so bowling stories are my favorite :-)
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    The luckiest by Ben Folds is our first dance song, and I donno where 555 came from. I guess theluckiest was taken so I needed a number, and I guess 5 is kind of my lucky number because my birthday is the 5th and our first date was on the 15th. We wanted our wedding to be July 15th, but someone booked the reception venue we wanted for that day. We really wanted that weekend and that venue, so we just moved it to the 17th.
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