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Tux help!

Should our dads wear the same tux as the groomsmen? They are wearing grey tuxes with navy blue bowtie and vests.... FI is wearing Grey Tux with White vest and bowtie... 

Should our dads be different from this? My ladies are wearing navy blue so I don't want black tuxes...


Re: Tux help!

  • nikkifeenikkifee member
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    In our wedding, the dads are wearing normal tuxes, and the groomsmen are wearing tuxes with tails. I think it works either way, just whatever you prefer. The fact that their wearing a tux instead of a suit will help them stand out as part of the wedding party either way. 
  • kelleyku05kelleyku05 member
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    Everyone is wearing the same thing in our wedding.  I tried to get FI to wear a vest to be a little different from his GM, but he doesn't want to.  I will be getting different boutiniers for FI, GM, and my dad to try and differentiate a little!
  • amk7ddamk7dd member
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    Sounds like my wedding party's attire:  grey tuxes with FI in ivory vest and tie, GM, ushers and fathers in navy ties.  Women are wearing navy also.  Anyway, II like the idea of different boutonnieres.
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    I think everyone has the same tux except my FI has a little diff one...and the GMs, FI, and dads have diff vests/ties.
  • OpiesladyOpieslady member
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    Mine are all wearing the same tux with different color vests.
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